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Protecting and securing data used in AI models doesn’t have to hinder innovation

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Securing Data in AI Models: Mitigate Risk with Odaseva, Salesforce Data Cloud, and Einstein AI

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AI is a massive opportunity to leverage Salesforce data for scaling up business intelligence. Salesforce is heavily promoting and investing in its Data Cloud and Einstein AI, which powers AI on Salesforce, and has made it the foundation of Customer 360. Odaseva helps enterprises secure Salesforce data used in AI models by protecting this data against accidental exposure to third parties. 

This is important because typically, the more measures an organization takes to protect and secure data, the more access to this data is restricted and therefore lessens its ability to be used for business insights. But protecting and securing data used in AI models doesn’t have to hinder innovation. 

With Odaseva, enterprises don’t have to sacrifice business intelligence for data security. We enable organizations to run AI models on Salesforce data without risking exposure to third parties. 

By securing the Salesforce data that goes into Data Cloud, enterprises get the best of both worlds - security and innovation.

Get this eBook to learn:

  • 3 risks when running AI models on sensitive data
  • How Salesforce mitigates AI data security risks
  • How Odaseva expands on Salesforce’s protection
  • The difference between tokenization, masking, and pseudonymization and how each method differs in pre-processing and post-processing



About Odaseva

Odaseva is the leading Enterprise Data Platform for Salesforce, offering powerful tools to keep Salesforce data protected, compliant, and agile. Industry leaders like Schneider Electric and Manulife rely on Odaseva to ensure business continuity, respect customers and regulators, and move Salesforce data to any system—with the strongest security, performance, and expertise available. Learn more at odaseva.com.