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How Odaseva helps enterprises comply with the 5 SEC Rule 17a-4 requirements

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SEC Rule 17a-4 Compliance with Odaseva

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There are five requirements that the SEC Rule 17a-4 specifies to ensure the preservation, integrity, and accessibility of financial records, promoting transparency and accountability within the industry.

This eBook delves into the five requirements of SEC Rule 17a-4 for ensuring the preservation and easy accessibility of electronic records, and explains how Odaseva helps Salesforce customers to meet the criteria including:

  • Preserving the records exclusively in a non-rewritable, non-erasable format
  • Automatically verifying the quality and accuracy of the storage media recording process
  • Serializing the original and, if applicable, duplicate unit of storage media, and time-date the data for the required period of retention
  • Having the capacity to readily download indexes and records
  • Storing separate, duplicate copies of all retained data

About Odaseva

Odaseva is the leading Enterprise Data Platform for Salesforce, offering powerful tools to keep Salesforce data protected, compliant, and agile. Industry leaders like Schneider Electric and Manulife rely on Odaseva to ensure business continuity, respect customers and regulators, and move Salesforce data to any system—with the strongest security, performance, and expertise available. Learn more at odaseva.com.