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Architecting a Multi-Org Strategy for Compliance, Residency, and Collaboration



A noticeable trend in the Salesforce ecosystem is that companies running on the platform are deploying more and more Salesforce Orgs. Some of the reasons behind this include emerging and expanding data residency regulations (covered by Hyperforce and Salesforce Core on AliCloud), business-unit-level agility, and distributed IT governance models.

Architecting a strategy for Org Split and Org Sync will positively impact the time to value for business teams, governance teams, and project teams. But this strategy also introduces challenges such as splitting the data between the orgs, and synchronizing them to ensure continuity of global processes and analytics based on a core model.

Join this webinar to learn about how to implement the right governance and the proper tooling and methodologies.


  • Trends that are driving increased interest in multi-org strategies & how to address them
  • Governance best practices to define and execute a multi-org strategy 
  • How the Odaseva platform allows multinational companies to be compliant with residency laws while keeping cross-team global collaboration 




rachel beard
christopher ramm

Rachel Beard

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Christopher Ramm

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