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Are You Ready for a Technical Crisis?

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No architect is immune from technical crises. Whether it’s from someone else’s mistake or your own, it’s not a matter of if, but when they’ll happen to your organization – and it’s up to you to prepare, mitigate, and learn from these situations to avoid future mishaps. And no one knows this better than CTA and Master Architect at Odaseva, Carl Brundage, who recently wrote about this exact topic on the Salesforce Architect blog.

Join this webinar to hear from Carl himself along with Susannah Kate St-Germain, Lead Evangelist, Architect Relations from Salesforce, who've both navigated many crises throughout their careers. Learn tips & tricks on how to prepare and manage a technical crisis, with the goal of minimizing impact and getting back to normal operations as quickly as possible.


We will review the principles of how to assess and act in a crisis, including:

Know that crises will happen and plan
Assess the situation and react
Know your instincts and resist
After the crisis



Carl Brundage

CTA & Master Architect


Susannah Kate St-Germain

Lead Evangelist, Architect Relations