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Increasing Salesforce ROI with a SaaS Data Protection Strategy with Special Guest Forrester


Companies are increasingly reliant on major SaaS applications like Salesforce, embracing these technologies to help fuel their growth. This increased dependency can also introduce new levels of risk, some of which are growing unchecked. Employing a SaaS data protection strategy and tiering applications can increase the ROI and use of Tier 1 SaaS applications, making it easier and safer for your business to grow and stay compliant.


To address this increasing risk, Odaseva is joined by Forrester senior analyst, Brent Ellis, to discuss how companies can create a best-in-class SaaS application data protection strategy.

Join this webinar for a first look into Forrester’s guidance on how a SaaS data protection strategy can increase your ROI in Salesforce.

Learn how:

Approving the use of critical data in Tier 1 SaaS applications, like Salesforce, can help maximize ROI in SaaS

SaaS adoption can create gaps between desired data protection and actual protection

While SaaS data protection measures are immature, that doesn’t excuse an enterprise’s responsibility for its data

Protecting cloud and SaaS data requires a new way of assessing and addressing platform risks

Managing SaaS data protection and governance correctly provides a runway for wider and more valuable platform adoption

Elevating SaaS data protection and resilience reduces the friction in expanding use cases, and adopting new platforms




Michael Lowe

Brent Ellis

Michael Lowe

Senior Analyst


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