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How to Generate More Revenue with Managed Services in a Digitally Disrupted World



Did you hear that Salesforce has changed the landscape of CRM again with the announcement of the first real-time CRM platform? This innovation opens up new opportunities to enhance, grow, and expand managed services to unlock the value in this new technology. But as a service provider, how do you protect and secure your customers as you accelerate them on this journey?

The speed and velocity at which data is moving is only increasing, and the ability to meet the challenges posed by this acceleration in data scale has never been greater. Enterprise organizations will need to respond to this movement and the challenges posed by it as data lifecycle management, archiving, and seeding grows in complexity.

As a result, we’re experiencing the creation of massive opportunities for tools and services that solve these data challenges. Managed service providers are in a great position to take advantage of these opportunities and help new and existing clients continue to operate in this digitally disrupted world.

Join this webinar to learn how:

Salesforce’s shift to real-time data creates a stronger need for customers to rely on managed services

Managed service providers can capitalize on the revenue-generating opportunity created by the growth in data volumes and complexity

The Odaseva enterprise data platform and MSP partner program helps managed service providers boost your offerings for your customers




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