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New 2022 Report: The State of SaaS Ransomware Attack Preparedness


Ransomware attacks on business-critical data increasing - and succeeding. SaaS data is no exception. This growing threat wreaks havoc on victims, often taking days or weeks to recover the data - and that's if it can even be fully recovered.

To determine the level of preparedness among very large enterprises, Odaseva partnered with Dimensional Research® to survey executives and managers of companies with more than 10,000 employees in August 2022.

The report of the survey findings, “The State of SaaS Ransomware Attack Preparedness,” shows that large enterprises are not fully prepared to protect their SaaS data from ransomware attacks, even though SaaS data lost in successful ransomware attacks was the least likely type of data to be fully recovered.

This webinar will provide a first look into the report and provide insights into the current state of SaaS ransomware attack preparedness.
Get the full report now here!

Join this webinar to learn:

Why mission-critical SaaS data is increasingly targeted in ransomware attacks
Why SaaS data - not SaaS platforms - are the target of ransomware attacks

The risks large enterprises must be aware of to protect their data against ransomware attacks

What large enterprises must look for in a data protection solution provider to ensure they can fully recover mission-critical SaaS data if a ransomware attack strikes





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