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The Top 5 Considerations for Operationalizing Privacy for Salesforce Data


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Since January 28th is Data Privacy Day - let’s join the fun and talk privacy as it relates to Salesforce data!

As Enterprise customers scale up their Salesforce data across multiple orgs, they not only have to think about the security of that data, but also understand the privacy implications of their data strategy. This understanding is essential to complying with data regulations.

Join this webinar for an exciting discussion about what to consider when operationalizing privacy for Salesforce data, specifically in relation to new privacy developments, and how to fit them into a broader data strategy.


Privacy considerations include:

One year from now, the CPRA will be fully operative and data collected as of Jan 1, 2022 will be subject to compliance.

Country specific local laws that restrict the flow of data will continue to be introduced at a rapid pace.

Data Subject Access Requests require companies to know specifically what data is held and why, and to take immediate action on it.


Understanding what a Sub-processor is and the potential impact to your company and clients from Fourth-Party Risk.

How to classify and manage your Salesforce data to protect against privacy and security risk.




Janalyn Schreiber, CIPM, CISSP, CDPSE

Data Privacy & Security Advisors LLC

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Chandler Anderson

Technical Architect