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Data Quality Impact on Salesforce Customer-Centric Solution


Learn Essential Data Quality Techniques for Designing Customer-Centric Solutions

Data quality is one of the critical success factors for delivering customer-centric Salesforce solutions for a satisfied customer and a happy employee. Every Salesforce consultant and architect should pay attention to four critical elements to apply high data quality techniques that will help to shape a successful customer-centric solution.

This session will be a walk-through of the most critical elements and techniques for applying adequate data quality controls from both functional and technical lenses.

Session Takeaways include Insightful Views for:

  • Choosing the most suitable customer data model for all customer and employee use cases and personas
  • Applying the most appropriate customer data master strategy
    Selecting a good mix of integration patterns to timely unlock customer important data when and as required
  • Enabling the most relevant customer/user experience and UI elements

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Mo Salem, CTA

Director, Deloitte Digital
Abhishek Pant-1

Abhishek Pant

Digital Customer Leader, Director, Deloitte Digital

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