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Choose Your Own Adventure: Salesforce Limits


A Real-time Simulation of Salesforce limits and How they can Hurt or Help

While the number of API calls and storage limits get all the attention when planning a large-scale Salesforce implementation, less well-known limits can completely derail your project.

With a CTA as your guide, examine the solution design and the performance impacts that only became apparent after rollout. Dive into the details of possible workarounds and the limitations encountered during each attempted corrective action. See if you can guess the limits that caused the pain (hint: it involves Email Messages and Files) and help architect a resolution.

Session takeaways: 

  • An immersion into the challenges of managing Salesforce limits
  • Insights on how to avoid limits pitfalls that can halt your progress
  • Skills and techniques to apply to real-life situations

On Demand Session



Carl Brundage, CTA, MVP

Master Architect, Odaseva

Data Innovation Forum for Salesforce Architects

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