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Big Data & its Impact on the Consumer Goods Industry

Wednesday, October 27  │ 10:15AM - 11:00AM PST

Learn How to take Advantage of Big Data within the Consumer Goods Industry

Big data has taken every industry by storm. Large data accumulation is no longer limited to a particular technology or Industry & Salesforce is no exception to this. To get an edge over the competitors, increase business & understanding customers - collecting, analyzing & insightful action on data is the most important step business has to take.

In this session, Matt & Jitendra would share their view on how the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry [FMCG] has been impacted because of huge data that has been collected over the decades.

Session takeaways: 

  • How different business units within Consumer Goods [CG] can take advantage of Big data
  • Which Salesforce products are being used to take advantage of big data in a transforming industry
  • Current challenges & path forward for Salesforce & Consumer Goods Industry

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Matt Francis, CTA

Global CTO-SF, IBM

Jitendra Zaa, CTA

Associate Partner, IBM

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