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Automating Security while Reducing Time to Release - Investing in DevSecOps


Learn how to implement comprehensive platform security controls, and apply them not only in Production, but as an automated component of your release cycle.

Over the past decade+ Salesforce has grown both vertically and horizontally into a platform more akin to a business operating system than a CRM web application. Gartner predicts that 99% of cloud security events will be due to human-introduced misconfigurations of systems settings. As such, large enterprises are building SaaS security programs and seeking automation tooling to address a challenge that cannot be solved manually.

In this talk you will learn about common high-risk misconfigurations, how to address them, and how to automate comprehensive security reviews at the key stages of your release cycle. The goal being to ensure critical misconfigurations are not promoted to Production, where remediation is considerably more costly and time-consuming.

Part of this talk will look at a real-world example of how a large, global SaaS vendor was able to increase their Salesforce release velocity by 400% while greatly enhancing their security controls.

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Cameron Cronin

Cameron Cronin

Europe CTO - Salesforce Business Group at Accenture
Allan Jes Kristensen-1

Allan Jes Kristensen

VP, Solutions Engineering, AppOmni

Data Innovation Forum for Salesforce Architects

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