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Hyperforce: Salesforce's Infrastructure Strategy and What it Means to your Data Management and Compliance


Insights into Salesforce's Hyperforce Strategy

Hyperforce is an exciting development in Salesforce technology, representing a re-architecture of Salesforce’s platform infrastructure. Designed to deliver an even more powerful and scalable platform than we have today, Hyperforce will support the growth and success of Salesforce’s global customer base and empower Salesforce customers to securely deploy Salesforce apps and services from anywhere while using the scale and agility of the public cloud.

In this session, Jsun Pe will provide insights into Salesforce's Hyperforce strategy, what it means for our customer's data management and compliance, and how customers can get ready for it.

Session takeaways: 

  • Understanding the "why" behind Salesforce Hyperforce
  • A deeper dive into Hyperforce's architecture principles and infrastructure design
  • Understand Hyperforce's benefits for customers' data management
  • A quick recap on org migration best practices to ensure customers are ready for Hyperforce

On Demand Session



Jsun Pe, CTA

Director, Product Management, Technology Service Delivery, Salesforce

Data Innovation Forum for Salesforce Architects

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