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Data. Does Your Salesforce CoE Think About It?

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Salesforce Centers of Excellence have a lot of responsibilities—from establishing a vision for the platform to developing methodology to enforcing standards and running a PMO.

For many CoEs, all those competing concerns have an unintended consequence. Data just isn’t a focus. CoE leaders focus on pushing the platform forward, not caring for the data it generates.

That can lead to data management and governance problems that harm the CoE’s overall mission.

The most successful Salesforce CoEs are data-aware. They are mindful of the data lifecycle and strategic about how they manage it.


What you will learn:

Explore the two types of Salesforce CoEs

Actionable implementation steps you can take to infuse your practice with data awareness.

Best Practices by Odaseva Master Architect Carl Brundage.



Carl Brundage

Master Architect and Salesforce CTA