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6 concept to Archive cover


6 Concepts to Archive Salesforce Data at Scale

Authored by:

Sovan Bin
CEO & Founder, Odaseva, Salesforce CTA

Melissa Shepard
CEO & Founder, Lizztech Consulting, Salesforce CTA

Cem Yöndem
VP End to End Digital Customer Relationship Management, Schneider Electric

For large Salesforce Orgs, implementing an effective archiving strategy is mandatory

Although Salesforce scales with usage, it does not scale indefinitely. As the data model grows in volume and complexity, the only solution is to remove data while preserving the user experience. 

The time to implement data archiving is before data scale affects platform efficiency. A proactive approach involves aligning the data archiving strategy to the enterprise’s specific needs.

In this Whitepaper, we’ll explain:
  • Why large Salesforce Orgs must archive data  
  • The six related architectural concepts
  • A case study of Schneider Electric’s experience managing archiving  with Odaseva
  • How Odaseva can help

Download the Whitepaper

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